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  • Prolegomena to a study of Metaethics

    On the abstract structure of ethics and its implications on such magnitudes as individuality, agency, reward, punishment, free will.

  • Notes on the modes of Scepticism

    On the empirical, epistemological, and metaphysical grounds for scepticism: a pragmatic and holistic disposition towards knowledge and learning.

  • Dialogues on EU politics

    On the specifics of EU politics and the European integration process

  • Essays on Sovereignty

    On the theoretical aspects and underpinnings of supreme political authority

  • Little Guide to the European Union

    On the specifics of the European polity

  • A Handbook on the European Union

    An informed opinion on Europe's experiment in transnational democracy

  • Notes on the Thinkable

    A series of logicophilosophical notes examining the hypothesis that the thought of the thing is not the thing as such

  • All my books are available free of charge. They are distributed under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Licence. In practice, this means you have the right to study them and adapt their content to your own work (while attrributing the original to me). You can also make modifications and publish them yourself, provided you do so under the terms of this same license (CC BY-SA v.4). This is also known as a 'copyleft' practice. It is the only set of conditions for using these books.