Protesilaos Stavrou
Philosopher. Polymath.

About me

  • Name: Protesilaos (Πρωτεσίλαος)
  • Birth place: Greece
  • Birth year: 1988
  • Email: (no social media)

Career overview

  • Greece 2003-2006: High school years and semi-professional football (soccer) player.
  • Cyprus 2006-2011: University studies in parallel with various seasonal and part-time jobs.
  • Belgium 2012-2014: Parliamentary assistant to MEP Rui Tavares for the Greens/EFA group (European Parliament). Our base of operations was in Brussels. Would move to Strasbourg for the plenary session weeks.
  • Various 2015-2018: Freelance policy analyst and web developer. Worked, among others, as an external expert for CEPS (Centre for European Policy Studies) in the preparation of the H2020 project proposal Examining The Processes Of Legitimacy: Rule of Law, Fundamental Rights and Crises in the EU (EURULNET), within the Call CULT-COOP-01-2017 of the European Commission.
  • Cyprus 2019-: After a short stint in Germany, settling in the Cypriot countryside to become an ecosystem-conscious farmer, a real bread baker, a brewer, etc.

My work does the talking

This website——contains more than 600 publications on a range of topics (all available under the appropriate copyleft terms that respect your freedom). Read, learn, think, and reach your own conclusions.