Life lessons from the hut

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In this ~30 minute walk, I talk about philosophical themes related to the hut I built in the mountains of Cyprus. These are lessons for life:

  • Past choices frame future options, meaning that even if we have perfectly free will, we still operate within confines that cannot be undone.
  • There are moments where we must rise to the occasion, effectively becoming someone we were not. Never underestimate someone who has no other choice but to fight.
  • The prevailing conditions make the person. They compel one into action.
  • Mental fortitude depends on one’s patience and understanding of the bigger picture. It is about how one can preserve their unflinching commitment to the cause.
  • Story about mental fortitude and the ancient Spartans.
  • Commentary on the subjectivity of experiences and the illusion of factual objectivity.
  • Why narratives matter to us in our everyday life and why our outlook is important.
  • Faith is inescapable. We rely on beliefs to cover for the imperfect information at our disposal as well as our lack of perfect insight.