Video games, individuality, and tolerance

Raw link:

Here is another philosophical talk I did while being outdoors. You need to load the video as there is no transcript. It is about an hour long.

The main points are:

  • I am not judgemental and do not issue edicts or rant about the state of the world. Everything I say is a suggestion; an appeal to your reason.
  • I am okay with video games. There is nothing inherently wrong about them.
  • There exist problems which have to do with business practices. We have those in all industries.
  • Whatever your hobbies or activities, try to find a balance in your life. It makes you more rounded and you can understand others better.
  • When we all try to keep an open mind, we have a more harmonious society. We communicate better and avoid the extremes.
  • I am a regular person. Try not to assume too many things about me or anyone. It helps with maintaining the right disposition and being tolerant of the diversity of humans.