Contact details and freelancing

Feel free to send me your message regarding the content of this website (blog posts, coding stuff, books, etc.). If you want to hire me, make sure you read the information below.

Scope of collaboration

As an independent agent (freelancer), I provide services in both of my fields of expertise, namely, (i) European Union politics and economics, (ii) front end development for small scale websites.

What I am willing to do

  1. Politics. Provide expert analysis and opinion on EU affairs.
    • Work individually or as part of a research team.
    • Write an op-ed or policy brief on a given area of policy.
  2. Code. Develop a highly-performant, content-focused website using Jekyll.
    • Start from scratch or use one of my existing templates.
    • Deliver a bespoke colour scheme for the theme of the website as well as for highlighting code syntax.

What I will not do

  1. Be part of a narrowly partisan cause or pressure group.
  2. Deal with a CMS, such as WordPress, or a framework like Bootstrap.


Offers are accepted on the basis of my availability and their relevance to my overall work.


The following timeline shows my current and near future availability.

  • April Volunteer work for some NGOs
  • May - June Working on a personal project
  • July - August Busy with several small projects
  • September Nothing scheduled as of yet