On discipline and self-restraint

Raw link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cc335wPXRlQ

I climbed the mountain and sat at its top, all while talking philosophy. This video is about an hour long. These are the main themes:

  • Story about me when I was younger, which illustrates how I had the appearance of discipline without a solid grasp of the “why”
  • Continuation of that story, delving into my bad habit with alcohol consumption. The gist is that I overestimated my ability by believing in my own narrative of how disciplined I was—a mistake.
  • How can we have self-restraint without a good understanding of our self and of our limits?
  • Discussion on the introspection—the search for the “why”—that made me understand the reason I was behaving in that bad way (where alcohol was the facilitator and enabler of certain experiences).
  • Tie it all together in an exposition about not talking big and not overestimating our abilities.
  • Comment on three more stories that further explain these and related ideas.
  • In short: be patient, take it slow, do not assume that you are special, do not talk big, have a sense of purpose that is consistent with your actuality, put yourself to the test in order to learn who you are (what you can and cannot do).

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