Diversity and the myth of Procrustes

Raw link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTT1a6W-3w4

In this ~40 minute video I discuss the myth of Procrustes and how it relates to individuality, diversity, and collective human affairs. Some of the themes I explore:

  • What is the myth of Procrustes and what we can learn from the practice of applying one size to all.
  • Do we want a world of uniformity or is diversity acceptable?
  • How societies promote homogenisation and why there is a trade-off between security and freedom.
  • Freedom is limited in the state of nature and can be bestowed upon us within structures that create predictable conditions.
  • We are too quick to judge those who are not like us. Perhaps we need to learn how to withhold judgement and tolerate the diversity all around us.