On forgiveness and hubris

Raw link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgDpc2Oh4LE

I walked and talked philosophy for an hour. In this presentation, I talked about the substance of values, with forgiveness as a case in point. To make the topic more relatable, I described what “hubris” is and offered some concrete examples.

The contents in brief:

  • Real story of a person that would not let go of something trivial that happened more than 30 years ago.
  • Link it to the mistake of appreciating forgiveness or anything pertaining to self-improvement only with regard to its ultimate rewards. This also relates to the previous entry on self-improvement.
  • The practical aspect of forgiveness in the here-and-now is that we keep ourselves free from useless burdens, else garbage. We can then focus our limited resources on something more useful.
  • Talk about the myth of Sisyphus and how it essentially describes the struggles of the person who does not let go.
  • Comment on the theme of non-ownership, though it is not the focus here. I talked more about this in loss, entitlement, and presence.
  • Explain another story of me not becoming a priest and how it relates to this case.
  • Talk about the misplaced ritualistic view we have of certain precepts. Basically, we miss the point as we cater to the appearances while disregarding the essential teachings.