Showing off, demonstration, and overthinking (feat Chantara Waterfall)

Raw link:

This is another video of mine where I do philosophy. There is no transcript. The part with the waterfall of Chantara at the Troodos mountain range (Cyprus) starts after the 15:00 mark. I noticed that whenever I toggled between the front and rear cameras, there was an interruption or distortion to the audio. I think nothing critical is lost, though I will try to find ways to improve this while still keeping it recording in one go.

Some of the other videos of mine that I mention here:

The main points I covered:

  • There is a distinction between showing off and demonstrating something, but in practice it is hard to draw clear lines.
  • I am an Internet stranger to you (and you to me), which means that you have no means of verifying my claims. This adds to the problem with the unclear lines.
  • In turn, I cannot control how you perceive of what I consider “demonstration”—you may still think it is me “showing off”.
  • Explanation of the perils of overthinking. Life is practical, not theoretical.
  • My corpus of work—such as this video of me walking and talking—is a demonstration against overthinking. It proves that I managed to overcome a major problem I had.