Emacs: my Free Software Foundation “working together” page

A while ago I was asked to provide a brief comment on Emacs for the FSF’s Working Together series. Here it is: https://www.fsf.org/working-together/profiles/prot.

The accompanying article, titled The campaigns team and the community work together for free software, states thus:

Next, we hear from fellow Free Software Award winner Protesilaos Stavrou on what motivates his work on GNU Emacs. In addition to his prolific writing and recorded introductory GNU Emacs materials, Prot is the developer of the Denote and Logos packages, as well as the Modus and Ef color themes. As Prot is a relative newcomer to free software development and the free software movement, his work shows how much a dedicated beginner can learn and accomplish in a short amount of time.

Check the article for more information. Thanks to the folks at the FSF for doing this!

Also check my LibrePlanet 2022 speech, Living in freedom with GNU Emacs.