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Interview with Syntopikon on Emacs and life

I did an interview with Yuvraj Singh of Syntopikon where I comment on Emacs, my experiences with computing, political themes, philosophy, and general life issues: https://www.syntopikon.com/workflows/protesilaos-stavrou/.

An excerpt to get you started:

10. In your About, you write that “What I wrote in the past may not represent my current views.” What are some views that have changed or evolved over the past decade?

[…] I used to express myself in a more verbose way that felt needlessly professorial. My mistake was to believe that sophistication is found in jargon and statements that are hard to comprehend. Whereas now I try to state my thoughts in plain terms. I have confidence in the depth of my views and know how to show that to the uninitiated. I do this, for example, with my philosophy which is practical even though I can make it highly abstract and obscure. When I read some philosopher’s cavalierly writings, I get the sense they are being ridiculous with all that apparent pretentiousness. I do not want to impress anyone, especially if that means I do not communicate my ideas clearly. If I did fail this test in the past, it is a mistake I acknowledge through my current practice. And if I am currently falling short on some front, I know I will be able to look back at it and accept it with honesty.

Syntopikon has interviews with other folks from the Emacs community. These are the ones I spotted:

Thanks to Yuvraj Singh for taking the time to do this!