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My poetry is but an attempt to record feelings. All poems are written in one go. I do not tend to their aesthetic appeal, as that requires extra processing which detracts from my truth in the moment.

Travellers (my poem)

Begone traveller
We wandered blithely
Now I must awaken

Hopes (my poem)

Process those hopes
To extract a drop of strength
Time favours no one

Seafarer (my poem)

Avoid the sea
It takes you away
And so I did
Yet far away I am

You don’t get to choose everything.

Shadows (my poem)

Shadowy figure
The order in this darkness
A blossoming face

The elusive one
Obscure yet mysterious
A shadow in space

This light shall guide me
And I will thus approach you
As you fade away

To worry and fear
That I may forever lose
What I never had

Defy the comfort zones while you can.

Large dogs (my poem)

Beware of large dogs, for they are strong
Beware of first looks, for they are wrong

Prejudice in the form of praise continues to be prejudice.

Constraints (my poem)

mind renders bridgeable

life makes improbable

Hope for the best.

Trains (my poem)

Trains come
Trains go
Rides taken

Walk some
Walk slow
Years forsaken

Does the walker miss out? Can the walker not miss out qua walker?

Tokens (my poem)

Let me, stranger,
capture your attention

Help me, smartphone,
depict my personality

Trying to show what is not apparent…

Freedom (my poem)

Live silently
Nobody cares

Reveal yourself
None watches

Speak freely
No-one listens

The irony and futility of being ignored…

Colours (my poem)

Blue or green
memento of a Summer gone

Black or grey
reminder of sweet delusion

Hopelessness of contrasting times…

Olives (my poem)

Today's olives
taste unlike yesterday's
Years thus pass

Dear caring mind
you varied the routine
But I noticed

Stale routines are normalised…