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Iosevka Comfy version 1.4.0

Iosevka Comfy is a customised build of the Iosevka typeface, with a consistent rounded style and overrides for almost all individual glyphs in both roman (upright) and italic (slanted) variants. Many font families are available, covering a broad range of typographic weights. The README file in the git repository covers all the technicalities.

IMAGES HERE: https://protesilaos.com/emacs/iosevka-comfy-pictures.

Below are the release notes.

Update to Iosevka Comfy version 1.4.0

  • All fonts are now available in two more weights: medium and semibold. Use them to refine your interfaces. This is in response to the request for a medium weight made by madjxatw in issue 8 on the GitHub mirror: https://github.com/protesilaos/iosevka-comfy/issues/8.

  • Large portions of the build instructions have been rewritten to (i) track the numerous and non-trivial breaking changes made by upstream Iosevka and (ii) preserve the style of Iosevka Comfy.

  • The latin long S (ſ) and the Latin sharp S, else Eszett (ß), are now supported by Iosevka Comfy. Details of shape have been considered, such that the reader does not conflate those characters with similar ones (e.g. the sharp S with a Greek beta, an ampersand, or an 8).

  • The slanted version of the ampersand looks the same as its upright counterpart. This is a deviation from the previous version, where this character looked like a flipped 3 with a flat top: I had introduced that style by mistake and did not want to rebuild everything just for it (rebuilding fonts is an expensive operation—I spent 8 hours this time).

  • Thanks to Raymond Ko for sending a patch to make Iosevka Comfy build on top of Iosevka version 26.3.1. I installed it to register the contribution in Git, though I eventually wrote the aforementioned changes from scratch as the current development of Iosevka has more breaking changes. It was easier to review all code points, than to assume some as fixed. Raymond send the patch on the mailing list: https://lists.sr.ht/~protesilaos/general-issues/patches/44816.

As a note for future users, I am always keeping track of upstream Iosevka, though I do not want to rebuild Iosevka Comfy too frequently. Upstream has a policy of changing the code points practically every few weeks, which then requires hours or days of testing on my end just to keep Iosevka Comfy the same. If you try to build Iosevka Comfy from source, make sure to use the commit in iosevka.git specified in my project’s README.md, as of this writing: this is the current working version for me. Future versions of iosevka.git will probably contain breaking changes. I will eventually adapt to them.