Status update 2020-07-11: I will be without Internet access for the foreseeable future, starting from 2020-07-12. Please understand that I will only reply to your messages whenever I manage to get back. That may be in a few weeks from now or longer. It all depends on whether I secure enough income amidst the ongoing crisis. Apologies in advance for whatever inconvenience.

New publication: "Ecosystem: definitions and problems"

I published a new essay on philosophy: Ecosystem: definitions and problems. It tackles the idea of an ecosystem as one of “universal interconnectedness”, examining the problems that arise from it.

As with all publications on my website, Ecosystem: definitions and problems is distributed free of charge and freed from traditional copyright restrictions, under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Licence (CC BY SA) 4.0.

For any further information, or to share your thoughts on this work, feel welcome to contact me.