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Protesilaos Stavrou

This is my personal website: a place where you can read, watch, and learn a lot about a growing number of subjects.

Main content indices

  • Books and essays :: This index includes items that are central to my work. It covers essays and video presentations. The content is philosophical.

  • Comments on life :: Here I post comments about general life issues. These typically are in response to an email I receive. The focus is on practical philosophy.

  • Interpretations and critiques :: In this section I blend the artistic with the philosophical, as I provide my interpretation of cultural works. The lessons to be learnt are philosophical and thus not limited to the art they reference.

  • Coding blog :: In this index I write and/or talk about free/libre software and related issues. It is my de facto blog for Emacs.

  • Politics blog :: Analyses on current affairs and/or political theory. Many entries concern the European Union.

  • Πολιτική :: Άρθρα πολιτικής που καλύπτουν κυρίως θεωρητικά ζητήματα.

  • Ατάκες και αστειϊσμοί :: Συλλογή από ατάκες, λογοπαίγνια, αστειϊσμούς, κι αληθινά ανέκδοτα της καθημερινότητας μου.

  • All publications :: Unfiltered list with all entries posted on this website.

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