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Update on my politics blog: Changing focus

I am repurposing my politics blog. No more writing specifically about the EU. I intend to comment on themes that are common to many locations and which seem to define the world we live in.

Ever since 2011, I have been writing about the European Union, from the eurocrisis to the broader issues of the European integration process. I have learned a lot in the meantime and was able to develop theories about general topics that extend beyond the confines of the EU politics bubble. Those findings are documented in several analyses and books—just peruse the various sections of this website.

What I intend to do now is write about something perhaps a bit more revolutionary, alternative, forward-thinking. To explore topics that stand at the intersection of legal-institutional affairs, economics, and technology. I wish to draw from history and to review certain concepts or phenomena we may be taking for granted or accept at face value.

Why the switch?

I no longer see the value in a niche blog about the EU. Those who want to learn about daily affairs get their news and opinion from established media outlets.

Meanwhile social media has radically changed the expectations people have about political commentary. Long-form writing on current issues is not in demand. The audience wants snippets of insight, embellished with some data or exaggerated reference, depending on the context.

Put simply, my kind of blog is running out of business.

Onwards and upwards

I expect to publish the first article before the end of 2018. Otherwise an update will be made in January 2019.

Please stay tuned for more—I think you might like the new content. By the by, note that I no longer have any social media accounts. You will have to check this website manually, or subscribe to updates via RSS feeds. I explain the latter in this page and offer links on what to follow.

If you still have questions, or just need to share your thoughts, feel welcome to contact me.