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notmuch-indicator (notmuch-indicator.el)

Display mode line indicator with notmuch-count output

This document contains the release notes for each tagged commit on the project's main git repository: https://git.sr.ht/~protesilaos/notmuch-indicator.

The newest release is at the top. For further details, please consult the manual: https://protesilaos.com/emacs/notmuch-indicator.

1.1.0 on 2023-10-14

The indicator now works over TRAMP

In previous versions, the counters of the notmuch-indicator-mode would be omitted from the mode line if the refresh would happen while the user was browsing a remote file system with TRAMP. They would be restored once the user would switch to a local buffer. This was done as a precaution, as I had not yet developed a mechanism to retrieve the data relative to the local user.

Counters are now always on display and are pointing to the local user's configuration. The package furnishes two new users options, which make this possible: the notmuch-indicator-notmuch-config-file and notmuch-indicator-notmuch-binary.

Their respective value is set at the time the notmuch-indicator feature is loaded (such as with require or use-package).

Advanced users may wish to display different indicators depending on the TRAMP environment. In principle, this is done by setting the aforementioned options to the appropriate values. If anyone has such a use-case, please contact me as I am eager to make the package more flexible.

The mouse hover of counters has a better style

One of the nice features of the notmuch-indicator-mode counters on the mode line is that they are clickable: a mouse click produces a notmuch.el buffer with the same search terms as those that populate the counter.

Before, the face used to indicate the mouse hover state was the generic highlight which can differ from the mode-line-highlight (depending on the theme). We now use the latter to make sure that the styling is consistent.