Emacs: notmuch-indicator version 1.0.0

This is a simple package that renders an indicator with email counters of the notmuch index on the Emacs mode line. The underlying mechanism is that of notmuch-count(1), which is used to find the number of items that match the given search terms. The user can define the queries and associate them with a character, optionally assigning a face to it.

Below are the release notes.

  • Each counter in the entire indicator is now rendered with its own mouse hover. This effect makes it clear that the counters are interactive. Clicking on a counter terms the underlying search terms that produced it and produce a notmuch (notmuch.el) search buffer with them.

  • The fix I did that prevented the display of duplicate counters is now formalised in a tagged release. I observed a bug while starting from 0 emails, with notmuch-indicator-hide-empty-counters set to non-nil. The indicator would show multiple counters for the same search terms. Whereas we always want to start from a clean state.

  • The notmuch-indicator-refresh is a public function that supersedes the now-deprecated private function notmuch-indicator--refresh. The difference is one of forward guidance in how we maintain the package: this way we tell users that the given symbol is stable and will not change without notice.

  • Other miscellaneous tweaks are in place.