The ef-themes now include two tri-chrome themes

I just added two new themes to my ef-themes package, bringing the total number to 14. This is in-development, with changes coming to all users in the next stable version (in about a week or so).

[ The ef-themes are a collection of light and dark themes for GNU Emacs whose goal is to provide colourful (“pretty”) yet legible options for users who want something with a bit more flair than the modus-themes (also designed by me). ]

The themes are named ef-trio-dark and ef-trio-light. The accent values they mostly use are variants of magenta, blue, and teal.

Some screen shots are provided below, though also check all the themes here:

ef-trio-light, ef-trio-dark

ef-trio-light theme sample

ef-trio-dark theme sample

Comparison of ef-light, ef-trio-light, ef-summer

ef-light theme sample

ef-trio-light theme sample

ef-summer theme sample

Comparison of ef-dark, ef-trio-dark, ef-winter

ef-dark theme sample

ef-trio-dark theme sample

ef-winter theme sample

Coming in version 0.6.0 (next stable release)

The “trio” themes are still in development. I might make some further tweaks here and there, but the overall character is set. Expect them to be available via GNU ELPA in about a week or so.

[ For an introduction and comprehensive video tour of the ef-themes: ]