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Screen shots of the Ef themes for GNU Emacs

Refer to the official manual for the specifics of these themes (if you have the package installed, just evaluate this: (info "(ef-themes) Top")).

The following screen shots correspond to version 1.2.0-dev, except for the ef-maris-light and ef-maris-dark which are part of 1.3.0-dev. The screen shots were taken on 2023-06-18, while the “Maris” ones were done on 2023-07-22. The typeface is Iosevka Comfy, my modified version of Iosevka.

Enlarge the image, because the smaller size can affect your perception of what is on display.

Light themes

This section contains:

  • ef-cyprus
  • ef-day
  • ef-deuteranopia-light
  • ef-duo-light
  • ef-elea-light
  • ef-frost
  • ef-kassio
  • ef-light
  • ef-maris-light
  • ef-spring
  • ef-summer
  • ef-trio-light
  • ef-tritanopia-light


ef-cyprus theme sample

ef-cyprus theme git sample

ef-cyprus theme mail sample

ef-cyprus theme org sample


ef-day theme sample

ef-day theme git sample

ef-day theme mail sample

ef-day theme org sample


ef-deuteranopia-light theme sample

ef-deuteranopia-light theme git sample

ef-deuteranopia-light theme mail sample

ef-deuteranopia-light theme org sample


ef-duo-light theme sample

ef-duo-light theme git sample

ef-duo-light theme mail sample

ef-duo-light theme org sample


ef-elea-light theme sample

ef-elea-light theme git sample

ef-elea-light theme mail sample

ef-elea-light theme org sample


ef-frost theme sample

ef-frost theme git sample

ef-frost theme mail sample

ef-frost theme org sample


ef-kassio theme sample

ef-kassio theme git sample

ef-kassio theme mail sample

ef-kassio theme org sample


ef-light theme sample

ef-light theme git sample

ef-light theme mail sample

ef-light theme org sample


ef-maris-light theme sample

ef-maris-light theme git sample

ef-maris-light theme mail sample

ef-maris-light theme org sample


ef-spring theme sample

ef-spring theme git sample

ef-spring theme mail sample

ef-spring theme org sample


ef-summer theme sample

ef-summer theme git sample

ef-summer theme mail sample

ef-summer theme org sample


ef-trio-light theme sample

ef-trio-light theme git sample

ef-trio-light theme mail sample

ef-trio-light theme org sample


ef-tritanopia-light theme sample

ef-tritanopia-light theme git sample

ef-tritanopia-light theme mail sample

ef-tritanopia-light theme org sample

Dark themes

This section contains:

  • ef-autumn
  • ef-bio
  • ef-cherie
  • ef-dark
  • ef-deuteranopia-dark
  • ef-duo-dark
  • ef-elea-dark
  • ef-maris-dark
  • ef-night
  • ef-symbiosis
  • ef-trio-dark
  • ef-tritanopia-dark
  • ef-winter


ef-autumn theme sample

ef-autumn theme git sample

ef-autumn theme mail sample

ef-autumn theme org sample


ef-bio theme sample

ef-bio theme git sample

ef-bio theme mail sample

ef-bio theme org sample


ef-cherie theme sample

ef-cherie theme git sample

ef-cherie theme mail sample

ef-cherie theme org sample


ef-dark theme sample

ef-dark theme git sample

ef-dark theme mail sample

ef-dark theme org sample


ef-deuteranopia-dark theme sample

ef-deuteranopia-dark theme git sample

ef-deuteranopia-dark theme mail sample

ef-deuteranopia-dark theme org sample


ef-duo-dark theme sample

ef-duo-dark theme git sample

ef-duo-dark theme mail sample

ef-duo-dark theme org sample


ef-elea-dark theme sample

ef-elea-dark theme git sample

ef-elea-dark theme mail sample

ef-elea-dark theme org sample


ef-maris-dark theme sample

ef-maris-dark theme git sample

ef-maris-dark theme mail sample

ef-maris-dark theme org sample


ef-night theme sample

ef-night theme git sample

ef-night theme mail sample

ef-night theme org sample


ef-symbiosis theme sample

ef-symbiosis theme git sample

ef-symbiosis theme mail sample

ef-symbiosis theme org sample


ef-trio-dark theme sample

ef-trio-dark theme git sample

ef-trio-dark theme mail sample

ef-trio-dark theme org sample


ef-tritanopia-dark theme sample

ef-tritanopia-dark theme git sample

ef-tritanopia-dark theme mail sample

ef-tritanopia-dark theme org sample


ef-winter theme sample

ef-winter theme git sample

ef-winter theme mail sample

ef-winter theme org sample