The ef-themes now include two duo-chrome themes

I just added two new themes to my ef-themes package. The set now includes 12 items.

[ The ef-themes are a collection of light and dark themes for GNU Emacs whose goal is to provide colourful (“pretty”) yet legible options for users who want something with a bit more flair than the modus-themes (also designed by me). ]

These new themes are designed around the notion of using two main colours as basic accents, while allowing the rest of the effective palette to be derived from them with fairly small deviations in hueness. The two colours are blue and yellow, though once we factor in their shades and/or variants the effective palette does include cyan/teal/violet on the “blue” side of the spectrum and gold/fawn on the “yellow” side.

Click to enlarge the following screenshots. Those are relevant as of 2022-09-06 16:20 +0300, without prejudice to further refinements, which will not be reflected herein.

ef-duo-light, ef-duo-dark

ef-duo-light theme sample

ef-duo-dark theme sample

Comparison of ef-light, ef-duo-light, ef-day

ef-light theme sample

ef-duo-light theme sample

ef-day theme sample

Comparison of ef-dark, ef-duo-dark, ef-winter

ef-dark theme sample

ef-duo-dark theme sample

ef-winter theme sample

Coming in version 0.5.0 (next stable release)

These are still in development. I might make some further tweaks here and there, but the overall character is set. Expect them to be available via GNU ELPA in about a week or so.

Sample pictures of all the Ef themes:

[ For an introduction and comprehensive video tour of the ef-themes: ]