Just some fun with my Emacs packages

Not a change log or announcement this time, I promise. Let’s see how my packages for Emacs perform on the amusement department. Here are some backronyms (A-Z sort):

  • CURSORY: Cursors are Undeniably Reduced a Simple, Ordinary Role Yearround.

  • DENOTE: Denote Everything Neatly; Omit The Excesses // Don’t Ever Note Only The Epiphenomenal // Don’t Eschew or Neglect your Obligations, Tasks, and Engagements.

  • DOTEMACS: Do Observe, Transpose, Examine, or Mirror All Configs, Stranger.

  • EF themes: Effortlessly Flamboyant themes

  • FONTAINE: Fonts, Ornaments, and Neat Typography Are Irrelevant in Non-graphical Emacs.

  • Iosevka COMFY: Iosevka (Could Only Modify a Font, Yes).

  • LIN: LIN Is Noticeable.

  • LOGOS: ^L Only Generates Ostensible Slides // Logos Optionally Goes through Outline Sections.

  • MODUS themes: My Old Display Unexpectedly Sharpened themes.

  • PULSAR: Pulsar Unquestionably Luminates, Strictly Absent the Radiation

  • TMR: TMR May Ring // Time Must Run.