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Emacs: logos version 0.4.0

Logos is a nimble tool that provides the means for a simple focus mode utilising page breaks and/or outline headings. Watch the demo of logos.el (though every one of my videos since early 2022 uses logos) and refer to the manual for the relevant details.

Below are the release notes.

  • The Git repo is now hosted on SourceHut. Mirrors are available on GitHub and GitLab—users can open issues there if they find it difficult to use the official mailing list. The sources:
  • The new user option logos-hide-fringe conceals the fringe by applying the same background as the default face. It does not interfere with fringe-mode, such as by adjusting its size. This option complements logos-olivetti and is only relevant if the fringe face has a distinct background.

  • The new logos-focus-mode-extra-functions is an ordinary hook that unlocks the potential of logos-focus-mode by allowing the user to trigger any effect when the mode is toggled. Its doc string references functions from logos.el that can be adapted at the user level to pursue varied ends, while the manual furnishes a ready-to-use sample for org-indent-mode. This feature was inspired by the inquiry of Ypot in issue 1 over at the GitHub mirror: https://github.com/protesilaos/logos/issues/1.

  • The default value of the user option logos-outline-regexp-alist now includes an entry for markdown-mode to determine what constitutes a heading there. This helps with motions such as logos-forward-page-dwim while it makes Markdown equally useful for a focused reading or presentation (with logos-focus-mode).

  • The manual includes a link to a publication of mine where I explain what the “devel” version of GNU ELPA is and how to make use of it: https://protesilaos.com/codelog/2022-05-13-emacs-elpa-devel/.