Change Log of logos (logos.el)

The newest release is at the top. For further details, please consult the manual:

Version 0.3.0 on 2022-03-30

This release basically contains one major refinement about how buffer narrowing is handled. In detail:

  1. If logos-outlines-are-pages is non-nil, it now includes the match of the page-delimiter regexp in the narrowed region and leaves point right after the page-delimiter—so in Org mode, after the stars. (It is better to leave point there than at the very beginning of the narrowed buffer to match the behavior of logos-forward-page-dwim when the buffer is not narrowed.) The inclusion of the delimiter helps retain any folding functionality associated with that line (e.g. Org headings).
  2. To avoid skipping pages in the narrowed case when point is at their outer boundaries, logos checks if you are right at the start of a page-delimiter and if so moves past the delimiter in the opposite direction of the given motion: so if you are moving back, it puts you after the delimiter, and if you are moving forward it puts you before the delimiter. (The bug was that if the point was at point-max while narrowed and moving forward, it would skip past a page and the same in the opposite direction with point-min.)
  3. Changed logos-narrow-dwim to call logos--narrow-to-page instead of narrow-to-page, so that it too includes the page-delimiter match in the page.
  4. The logos--page-p now always checks for the right delimiter, which may be that of the outline if logos-outlines-are-pages is non-nil. Whereas before it was hard-coded to the generic page-delimiter.

Thanks to Omar Antolín Camarena for commit 8c2e85033db982ef13a5e041012dc45d86d9de32 which covers the first three of the aforementioned points. The contribution was sent as a patch via email. Omar has already assigned copyright to the Free Software Foundation.

Version 0.2.0 on 2022-03-17

All functions or variables referenced herein have documentation strings and are also documented in the manual.

  • Implemented the user option logos-olivetti which is a buffer-local variable that is read when logos-focus-mode is enabled. This provides the glue code to integrate Logos with olivetti. Olivetti is a package by Paul W. Rankin which centres the contents of the buffer in its window.
  • Removed the do-it-yourself snippet that was present in the manual for piecing together Logos and Olivetti. The documentation has been updated accordingly. Users who followed the old method are advised to review their configurations.
  • Abstracted the state handling of the variables and modes that are affected by logos-focus-mode, based on feedback by Daniel Mendler. This improves how the code is written and makes it easier to extend it.
  • Introduced the user options logos-indicate-buffer-boundaries and logos-buffer-read-only. Both are buffer-local and both take effect when logos-focus-mode is enabled. The former controls the indicate-buffer-boundaries while the latter determines whether the buffer should be put in a read-only mode.
  • Changed how user options are declared as buffer-local, by using the appropriate keyword of defcustom. Thanks to Philip Kaludercic for the patch, which was sent via email.
  • Wrote a node entry on how to write a regular expression that targets only specific Org heading levels. This pertains to user options logos-outlines-are-pages and logos-outline-regexp-alist.
  • Added keywords to the package metadata to help its discoverability.
  • Fixed typo in a function's doc string. Thanks to Remco van 't Veer for the contribution in merge request 1:
  • Fixed typo in the manual. Thanks to user Ypot for the contribution in merge request 2:
  • Appended an "Acknowledgements" section in the manual, which references the names of everyone involved in the development of this package.

Version 0.1.0 on 2022-03-11

In the beginning, there was prot-logos.el. A file that pieced together some code and configurations I had for presentations (part of my dotfiles). On 2022-03-02 I decided to take the code out of my personal setup and turn it into a general purpose package.

It occured to me that "logos" is a nice word though it might be a bit dull for an Emacs package, so I coined the backcronyms "L Only Generates Ostensible Slides" and "Logos Optionally Garners Outline Sections", which hopefully describe what this is all about.

Read the manual for the technicalities.