Iosevka Comfy version 0.1.0

“Iosevka Comfy” is the name of my collection of custom typefaces, derived from Iosevka. It addresses the pain points (however small) I have had with all other libre fonts, including Hack, Source Code Pro, Fira Mono/Code, and upstream Iosevka’s numerous stylistic variants.

My project’s README, describes all the technicalities about the goal of Iosevka Comfy, its particularities, the multiple build files it provides, and the differences between them. The very short description is:

[…] with a rounded style and open shapes, adjusted metrics, and overrides for almost all individual glyphs in both roman (upright) and italic (slanted) variants.

While not specific to Emacs, Iosevka Comfy is an integral part of my Emacs experience: these are the only fonts I use as they complement my efforts to have highly legible interfaces that are consistent and devoid of exaggerations (per my modus-themes).

Below are the release notes.

  • Upstream now supports inheriting glyph variants, so we do just that. Makes the build plans easier to manage.

  • After lots of tests, the @ sign uses a tall three-fold style which (i) does not give off a faux bold weight, meaning that it does not have more typographic colour than it ought to, (ii) does not look like concentric circles at small point sizes the way four-folded variants do, (iii) is not too short to the point where it might be mistaken for a regular a or simply be hard to discern, the way the Fira-style version is, and (iv) has a recognisable shape at all point sizes and widths.

  • All “wide” builds use an m character with three legs of equal length. Whereas the “narrow” builds have an m with a shorter middle leg. The relevant part from the README:

Note that the iosevka-comfy-duo, iosevka-comfy-wide, and iosevka-comfy-wide-fixed use a different style for the m character. Instead of the one with a shorter middle leg, they let all legs have the same length. The short middle leg in m that we need in the narrow monospaced variants is necessary for legibility, especially at small point sizes. Otherwise it is a gimmick, so we remove it in the “wider” builds.

  • To keep track of things, this commit marks the release of Iosevka Comfy version 0.1.0 (even though the project has been viable for close to two years now).

Done using upstream version v15.4.2, commit 76a87155.