Status update 2020-07-11: I will be without Internet access for the foreseeable future, starting from 2020-07-12. Please understand that I will only reply to your messages whenever I manage to get back. That may be in a few weeks from now or longer. It all depends on whether I secure enough income amidst the ongoing crisis. Apologies in advance for whatever inconvenience.

Tips and tricks for Ivy (Emacs)

In this video I demonstrate some of the ‘hidden’ or perhaps less obvious features of Ivy. I also talk about my customisations and their underlying rationale.

You are free to copy whatever you want concerning Ivy or all the rest from my dotemacs.

My themes are on MELPA. Search for modus-operandi-theme for the light version or modus-vivendi-theme for the dark one. Check the git repo of the Modus theme for more information.