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Search+Replace across multiple files in Emacs

Raw link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLF9oTmVFsc

In this video I demonstrate a few techniques to replace search matches across a number of files or buffers, using a variety of tools. The tools I use involve:

  • counsel-git-grep, which is powered by the ivy completion framework and which can edit its output with wgrep.
  • ivy-switch-buffer, followed by ibuffer and occur.
  • dired, followed by an interface that looks like that of occur.

Other commands where query-replace and keyboard macros.

For my setup check my dotemacs. The theme used in this video is “Modus Operandi” (modus-operandi-theme) which is available on MELPA. For more, check the Modus themes on GitLab.