My Modus themes are on MELPA!

Raw link:

My highly-accessible themes for GNU Emacs have been admitted to the MELPA repository. The project is called “Modus themes” and it consists of a light and a dark item. The light theme is called “Modus Operandi”, while the other is “Modus Vivendi”.

The Modus themes conform with the WCAG AAA standard for colour contrast. This is the highest of its kind, which means that all interfaces should be legible at all times.

Each theme is offered as a standalone package, as explained in the video. The easiest way to get them from MELPA is to run:

M-x package-install RET modus-operandi-theme RET


M-x package-install RET modus-vivendi-theme RET

Alternatively, you can install them with use-package declarations, such as:

(use-package modus-operandi-theme
  :ensure t)

(use-package modus-vivendi-theme
  :ensure t)

As I mention in the video, the themes are under active development, even though they already provide support for a comprehensive list of packages.

Please refer to their repository on GitLab for more information, screen shots, and source code: