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My website's plans for 2017

Overview of the new features for the near future

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We are fast approaching the new year. And I am more excited than ever. The reason is that I have been doing a lot of background work in preparation of what is to come. Today I will share with you some details.

Let us start with the first piece of the puzzle: secure protocol. This website is now served via a certified connection. The indication of a lock button should be displayed on your browser’s url bar. That means safety. You know that the content presented herein is indeed legitimate. You can also trust that any action you perform on these pages will be protected from external interference. A secure website is one that respects its users.

Speaking of users, your experience on protesilaos.com is my priority. I want it to be easy to browse through these pages. Fast loading. Clear, readable text. A carefully crafted and accessible user interface. That is why I am continuously introducing new elements that contribute to the overarching goal of user satisfaction. Sensible design that combines function and form into a singularly effective experience.

To this end, the books sections are being recreated. It is now more obvious that you can read each book online or gain access to its print-optimised page. For the time being, the print pages are procedurally generated. Their content is the combination of the latest version of all chapters. Within the first semester of 2017, more download options for each book will become available, such as bespoke .pdf and .epub files. Furthermore, some new styles will be added so that online reading can be done with faster navigation tools. A ‘dark mode’ option (light text on dark background) might be introduced, following some extensive testing.

The three books I have published thus far are available for free. That will never change. You have free access to them. For new publications I intend to charge a small fee, something between 2-5 euro. This will be possible thanks to the new online book store and shopping experience that will be incorporated in the existing pages. The shop will be privacy-aware and as easy to use as possible. It will cover a broad spectrum of payment options and only ask for the minimum necessary information to complete the payment.

New books will basically consist of two types: (i) manuals, (ii) essays. The former will be more factual. What the EU is. How things work in actuality. That kind of stuff. The latter will be more opinionated. They will cover both practical and theoretical issues. Topics will be addressed with a critical eye. Whatever the content of the book, the objective is to develop original insights and share them with those who are searching for something extra in their study of the European Union.

The secure connection for this website also offers another advantage: reliable newsletters forms. You can provide your email without fear of being deceived. I am who I claim to be and this website is certified as my own. Inclusion to the list is strictly optional! An email address is all I am asking for. No real names. No other details. Just a place to send you notifications about my latest blog post or new publication. I have included a subscription form at the very bottom of each page. It is a box with a “subscribe” button next to it. If you opt in, you will be asked to confirm your email address and you are good to go. My work delivered directly to your inbox. Nice and simple.

2016 was a year with mixed emotions. On the one hand I was quite creative. Published two books, several good blog posts, and also refined my web development skills (let’s not go into the details). On the other, I deleted my original Twitter account and seriously considered quitting the EU politics scene. I was unemployed. Reinventing myself was the only thing in my mind. But I decided to stick to what I know best and to iterate on it. Going into the new year, I will continue to offer my unique perspective on the EU. My blog posts will remain free of charge. Make sure you are subscribed to the EU Blog RSS Feed (double check since I am on the secure protocol mentioned earlier).

That is all for the time being. May 2017 be a year of creativity, fulfilment, exciting prospects, and new beginnings.