Acceptance (my poem)

Walking on a path
Encountering fellow travellers
How far we go together is of no import
It suffices that we wandered
There are twists and turns
You go left, another continues straight
"Farewell, beloved"
Maybe there is a terminus
Or maybe---just maybe---there are more paths
Travellers on yet another adventure
Living the moment on an ever-lasting cycle
What is the purpose of all this?
Staring at the sunset
Amazed by the beauty of the cosmic oneness
We entertain thoughts that have no answers
Laugh, cry, curse the gods for your ignorance
You know that beauty is not rationalisable
Reduce the vastness to reason if you seek an empty shell
Why is beauty so readily recognisable yet undefinable?
It makes no sense
Travel my dear in search of nothing
Seek not the simulacrum of certainty
Dream of that one kiss that excites you
Paths converge and diverge
As memories fade and hopes arise
And remember the kind words of the sage:
"Why should it?  Why should it make sense to you?"

My poetry is but an attempt to record feelings. All poems are written in one go. I do not tend to their aesthetic appeal, as that requires extra processing which detracts from my truth in the moment.