A new chapter in my publishing life

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New readers must know—and older ones be reminded—that I was immersed in the European blogosphere as someone who had a blog on European Union politics and political economy. I ran that blog for approximately two years and am overly satisfied with what I managed to achieve with it, wittingly or not. About two weeks ago and after careful consideration, I took the decision to put an end to that venture, as it no longer performed the emancipatory function it once did. Those interested with the trivia may read the final post.

As of now, my publishing activities are set on a new basis. This website, in contrast to my older blog, shall be the platform that will host my musings and essays on philosophy, logic, epistemology, metaphysics, political theory, economics, ethics, relativism, skepticism as well as other writings, mostly of a theoretical sort. This does not necessarily preclude the publication of articles or tracts on the mundane, on European Union politics to be more precise, though it does imply that such day-to-day affairs will not gain much prominence on this part of the web.

Such “escapism” will be actively and conscientiously pursued with the proviso that exceptional conditions, such as the deterioration of the state of democracy in Europe, may necessitate a return to political action. That granted, I firmly believe that the kind of work I will be presenting does have practical implications and applications, even though an inattentive eye may be impressed to the contrary.

Provided the opportunity of this first post, I wish to inform you that in the coming weeks I will be publishing my first philosophical work, the Essay on the Figure of the Thinkable. As my resources are limited, it will, for the time being, be made available in pdf format and as a regular blogpost. Furthermore, it will be offered free of charge, under a Creative Commons license (not that I would expect to make any money with this sort of work).

Without willing to dwell on these note, I suggest you stay tuned for my next update by subscribing to the Website RSS and/or by following me on Twitter and Facebook; if of course you have even the remotest of interests in what I have to present.

Finally, don’t forget to read my “about me” page to get some more information as to who I am and what I do. And please be kind in your evaluation of the presenet website’s design as it still is in BETA—at the development stage that is :-)

Many thanks!

Protesilaos Stavrou = or just “Prot”