About me

Political analyst. Philosopher. Free software contributor.

Basic information


Name: Protesilaos (Πρωτεσίλαος)
Birth place: Greece
Birth year: 1988
Email: public@protesilaos.com

Skills and education

Academic: European Politics, Economics, and Law at the European University Cyprus
Literary: Essay writing, conceptual analysis, interdisciplinary research
Technological: Front end web development (SCSS, HTML, Git, Gulp, WordPress, Jekyll, …), GNU/Linux power user, Free and Open Source Software contributor
Linguistic: Greek (native), English (professional), French (proficient), Spanish (intermediate), Portuguese (basic)

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Code projects (external links)

  • AUR packages. The packages I maintain on the Arch User Repository (for use in Arch Linux and derivatives).
  • Dotfiles. My custom working environment and configuration files for some of my favourite programs on GNU/Linux. Managed with GNU Stow.
  • Prot16. Colour schemes mainly for highlighting code syntax. Each theme uses a 16-colour palette. It comes in light and dark variants.
  • Tempus Themes. Tempus is a collection of themes for Vim, text editors, and terminal emulators that are compliant at the very least with the WCAG AA accessibility standard for colour contrast
  • Tempus Themes Generator. Tool to build Tempus themes on demand. The epicentre of the Tempus themes project and where all the underlying code and schemes are to be found.

About protesilaos.com

I have been posting content on protesilaos.com since February 2011. This is the platform that presents in an organised and meaningful way all of my intellectual work. It is at the epicentre of all I do in terms of thinking, writing, and coding: a major content hub, hosting over 500 articles and featuring a growing number of publications on several fronts.

This website has evolved considerably over the years. It started off as a blog on Blogger, turner into a self-hosted WordPress site, and now exists as a set of files that are transformed into static pages with Jekyll. I have written from scratch every line of the underlying code base.

Note on contacting me

I prefer email over any other tool. I always reply in a timely fashion. If you have not heard from me, check your junk folder.

Optional. I use PGP encryption for emails. Refer to my contact page for details on my public key, or if you know the motions run the following command:

gpg --recv-keys A5B8A16D86ADECB21FB8D488BF48FD84FE21D72A