My new book: Little Guide to the European Union

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Today I published a new book on European politics. I believe this is a much better piece of work than my previous publication in that it is more descriptive than prescriptive.

Here is the book’s index, with links to each of its parts. And here is its print-optimised version—the single-webpage view—for those who wish to keep a physical copy.

The Little Guide to the European Union is delivered to the public free of charge. This book is for a general audience, though specialists may find it useful as well.1

For further information, please contact me. Also, and if interested, do not forget to follow this website. I will continue publishing regularly on the EU.

  1. For a “behind the scenes” look into the writing of this book, read today’s diary entry: On writing my new book. If interested in the underlying code of the Little Guide, read today’s Codelog entry: How I coded my new book[^]