Emacs: the new Denote sort mechanism (Dired, Org dynamic blocks)

Raw link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMq-703ZVZQ

In this ~13 minute video I demonstrate the new functionality I am developing for Denote. It allows us to produce sorted lists of files based on any of the file name components that Denote formalises. The command ‘denote-sort-dired’ leverages this facility, as do the Org dynamic blocks that Denote defines.

About Denote

Denote is a simple note-taking tool for Emacs. It is based on the idea that notes should follow a predictable and descriptive file-naming scheme. The file name must offer a clear indication of what the note is about, without reference to any other metadata. Denote basically streamlines the creation of such files while providing facilities to link between them.

Denote’s file-naming scheme is not limited to “notes”. It can be used for all types of file, including those that are not editable in Emacs, such as videos. Naming files in a consistent way makes their filtering and retrieval considerably easier. Denote provides relevant facilities to rename files, regardless of file type.