Emacs: I am co-presenting hyperdrive.el at EmacsConf 2023

I am participating at this year’s EmacsConf. The event takes place this weekend: https://emacsconf.org/2023/talks/.

My talk is about hyperdrive.el, a peer-to-peer filesystem in Emacs. I am co-presenting it with Joseph Turner. More information here: https://emacsconf.org/2023/talks/hyperdrive/.

Make sure to tune in for the conference. All the presentations are interesting and it is nice for us to come together as a community.

The hyperdrive video plays during my evening local time. I am available to join live, though I do not know yet if my electricity setup will have enough power left by then (usually I am without power after ~20:30). It depends on the weather. If all goes well, I will be there.

Good luck to everyone involved!