Emacs: spacious-padding version 0.2.0

This package provides a global minor mode to increase the spacing/padding of Emacs windows and frames. The idea is to make editing and reading feel more comfortable. Enable the mode with M-x spacious-padding-mode. Adjust the exact spacing values by modifying the user option spacious-padding-widths.

Release notes below.

[ I provide screenshots in a recent publication: https://protesilaos.com/codelog/2023-11-15-spacious-padding-extra-ui-dev/ ]

The package is stable and works well. This set of changes expands the concept of “spacious padding” to more user interface elements, namely:

  • active and inactive mode lines;
  • header line;
  • the tab-bar-mode.

The user option which sets all the width values is spacious-padding-widths. It now reads keywords that correspond to the aforementioned elements. Concretely, here are the defaults:

(setq spacious-padding-widths
      '( :internal-border-width 15
         :header-line-width 4
         :mode-line-width 6
         :tab-width 4
         :right-divider-width 30
         :scroll-bar-width 8))

After changing the widths, reload the spacious-padding-mode for changes to take effect.

I have taken care to make ‘spacious-padding-mode’ work even when the spacious-padding-widths does not include all keywords. This means that the previously supported value will continue to work (the previous value did not have the keywords header-line-width, mode-line-width, and tab-width).