Emacs: introduction to the ef-themes “kassio” theme

The ef-kassio theme is now part of my ef-themes collection. It is a legible light theme with blue, red, magenta, and earthly colours.

Sample pictures are shown below. Also check the entire set: https://protesilaos.com/emacs/ef-themes-pictures. Click to enlarge the image for best results.


ef-kassio theme sample

ef-kassio theme git sample

ef-kassio theme mail sample

ef-kassio theme org sample

Coming in version 1.0.0 (next stable release)

ef-kassio is under development. It is largely done, though I may still tweak some details.

The Ef themes now consist of 22 themes, 11 light and 11 dark ones. The new version will also include commands to select between either set and will also provide completion annotations that describe each theme.

The ef-themes are a collection of light and dark themes for GNU Emacs whose goal is to provide colorful (“pretty”) yet legible options for users who want something with a bit more flair than the modus-themes (also designed by me).