Iosevka Comfy version 1.1.0

Iosevka Comfy is a customised build of the Iosevka typeface, with a consistent rounded style and overrides for almost all individual glyphs in both roman (upright) and italic (slanted) variants.


Below are the release notes.

  • Made the @ and % characters wider in the font families iosevka-comfy-duo, iosevka-comfy-motion-duo, iosevka-comfy-wide, iosevka-comfy-wide-fixed, iosevka-comfy-wide-duo. This is consistent with their design, which has wider glyphs and/or more generous spacing.

  • Built using upstream Iosevka v16.3.4, commit ad1e247a.

The rest of the design remains the same as before. Read the detailed release notes for version 1.0.0: