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Emacs: new 'agitate' package (extras for VC Git and friends)

Before I explain what this is, here is the dictionary entry for AGITATE: Another Git Interface Trying to Agitate Tranquil Emacsers. 🙃

agitate is a work-in-progress collection of commands or potentially useful functions that expand on the available version control features of Emacs. Those are meant to complement a workflow that relies on the built-in Version Control (VC) framework and its accoutrements: diff-mode.el, log-view.el, log-edit.el, vc-git.el, and potentially others.

The package is available only on the GNU-devel ELPA for the time being. I shall release a stable version when the time is right. I explain all about it the “devel” archive and relevant topics here: https://protesilaos.com/codelog/2022-05-13-emacs-elpa-devel/.

At this stage, the intent is to iterate on the agitate code in order to surface the best practices and, perhaps, discover the most common missing requirements of VC users. The emphasis is on the Git backend, as that is what I am using, but there is no reason to limit the code to it. I do want to learn about other version control systems.

Unlike most of my packages, agitate has a maximalist scope by design. Instead of, say, adding only to vc-git.el it takes a broader view of the entire workflow of VC, which ties together processes from different libraries (e.g. on Emacs 29, C-x v v (vc-next-action) in a diff-mode buffer will produce a log-edit-mode buffer to commit the changes).