Emacs: prototype of notmuch-indicator

UPDATE 2022-09-19 20:22 +0300: Update information.

I have just pushed the first commits to the notmuch-indicator Git repository: https://git.sr.ht/~protesilaos/notmuch-indicator. This provides a global minor mode—notmuch-indicator-mode—that puts the return value of notmuch count commands on the Emacs mode line. Technically, it appends it to the global-mode-string, so it also works with the built-in tab-bar-mode.

The exact search terms for notmuch count are specified in the user option notmuch-indicator-args. It is a list of plists. Each plist consists of two properties, both of which accept a string value:

  1. The :terms holds the command-line arguments passed to notmuch count.

  2. The :label is an arbitrary string that is prepended to the return value of the above.

Multiple plists represent separate notmuch count queries. These are run sequentially. Their return values are joined into a single string.

For instance, a value like the following defines two commands:

(setq notmuch-indicator-args
      '((:terms "tag:unread and tag:inbox" :label "@")
        (:terms "--output threads from:VIP" :label "🤡")))

The indicator on the mode line will then look like:

@50 🤡10

The indicator is updated via a timer, whose duration is in seconds seconds. It is set in the user option notmuch-indicator-refresh-count.

These are early days and the implementation details may change. I will release a formal package in, say, a week from now. I still need to set up mirrors for GitHub and GitLab, as well as add the relevant documentation files, license, etc. I just wanted to give you an idea of what this is.

[ I have been using a variant of notmuch-indicator for more than a year now, as part of my personal Emacs config. ]