Emacs: fontaine version 0.3.0

Fontaine lets the user specify presets of font configurations and switch between them on demand. This makes it easy to optimise for different contexts, such as a “reading” preset with large, spacious fonts, and an “editing” preset with smaller, more compact fonts.


Below are the release notes. Also make sure to check my [growing] list of Emacs packages: https://protesilaos.com/emacs.

This is a stability release that introduces minor tweaks while formalising point releases which were already available to users.

  • Fixed a bug where a nil minibuffer history would produce an error while trying to set a preset.

  • Required the subr-x library at compile time. This is to avoid scenaria where if-let and friends are not known to the byte compiler. Such a problem was reported by Ted Reed concerning their Emacs 27 build: https://lists.sr.ht/~protesilaos/fontaine/%3Cm27d6t3f7a.fsf@zenithia.net%3E#%3C87ee11w1j0.fsf@zenithia.net%3E.

  • Simplified the text of the minibuffer prompt for the default face. The marginalia package treats the candidates as faces when the word “face” occurs in the prompt. Generally that should be okay, though we do not want it in our case.

  • Documented a reference to the “devel” variant of GNU ELPA. This is for users who want to use a version of the package built from the latest commit instead of the last tagged release. Read: https://protesilaos.com/codelog/2022-05-13-emacs-elpa-devel/.

  • Refrained from erroring out with fontaine-set-preset if Emacs is not in a graphical window (GUI) while the emacs --daemon is in use. The user-error is now limited to the case where a standalone frame is non-graphial and the daemon is not running (the error is that you cannot change fonts inside of TUI Emacs). Thanks to Florent Teissier for the patch!

  • Named the mailing list address as the Maintainer: of Denote. Together with the other package headers, they help the user find our primary sources and/or communication channels. This change conforms with work being done upstream in package.el by Philip Kaludercic. I was informed about it here: https://lists.sr.ht/~protesilaos/general-issues/%3C875ykl84yi.fsf%40posteo.net%3E.