Announcement: A Handbook on the European Union

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I have some good news to share. I published something more than my typical analysis on European politics: A Handbook on the European Union. This is a free ebook that you can read right from my website. I hope you appreciate it for refining some of my older ideas while introducing new ones.

Below are some notes on the experience of producing it:

  • in terms of the writing process, a book’s chapter is identical to a long-form blog post;
  • a book can be perceived as a whole, whereas the blog is only treated as such by the most regular of readers (if a new visitor reads a random blog post they may not try to consider it in relation to the rest of the work);
  • if you are a writer, you may want to learn more about Markdown: I have been writing exclusively in markdown for about four months, it simply makes everything so much faster and easier.

Apart from reading my ebook make sure you keep track of my website, as I do have much more to write about.