Seminars on politics

Presentations on current issues and theoretical themes

  • Sovereignty and the vertical separation of powers in the EU

    The principles of conferral, subsidiarity, and proportionality define the EU's vertical separation of powers. Making it a de facto federation.

  • Factors of statehood and the EU as a republic

    The factors of statehood are examined in light of effective sovereignty. The EU qualifies as a state and is a federal system.

  • On sovereignty, nationalism, secessionism

    International politics does not favour arbitrariness or exceptionalism. It is against acting alone without considering the context.

  • How to evaluate international relations

    International relations can be evaluated based on their impact on a nation state's capacity to exercise supreme political authority.

  • European constitutional order and res publica

    In this seminar we examine the constitutional order of the European Union and the common good it instantiates.

  • Independence and accountability of the ECB

    In this seminar we examine the institutional independence and arrangements for the accountability of the European Central Bank.

  • The economic governance of the European Union

    In this seminar we examine the governance structure of the Economic and Monetary Union. We also discuss the statelessness of the euro.

  • The European Union as a federal system

    In this seminar we examine the features of the EU polity. It is at once intergovernmental and supranational.

  • Introduction to the European integration process

    In this seminar we cover the essentials of European integration and discuss the main features of the EU.