Open Letter to Members of the European Parliament

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Honourable Member,

In my capacity as a European citizen, I have been examining the events peculiar to Greece’s adjustment programme. I am concerned about the crisis in Greece—including the way it is handled—due to the possible ramifications on the process of European integration.

In this light, I have witnessed reports on President Martin Schulz’s campaign to influence the outcome of the July 5 referendum in Greece. For the record, I furnish links to eminent media outlets, such as Reuters, The Telegraph, and Politico Europe.

Assuming the validity of those reports, I wish to remind you of Rule 22(4) of the European Parliament’s Rules of Procedure, on the Duties of the President:

Parliament shall be represented in international relations, on ceremonial occasions and in administrative, legal and financial matters by the President, who may delegate these powers.

As well as Rule 223 on the Powers and responsibilities of the President:

The President shall represent Parliament in its relations with political parties at European level, in accordance with Rule 22(4).

Furthermore, I wish to state the fact that the European Parliament does not partake in the negotiations on Greece’s reform programme and, a fortiriori, its President has no institutional role in the process.

The active and partisan media presence of President Schulz brings into question the boundaries of the aforementioned Rules. As such, I wish to forward the following non-exhaustive list of questions:

  • Is the President’s rhetoric representative of the European Parliament’s official position?
  • Are his exhortations consistent with his function and duties as President of the European Parliament?
  • Will questions be raised concerning this very topic during the July Plenary session?

I, as a European citizen, expect the Parliament to treat these issues with the appropriate care and responsibility, also with respect to the outcome of the referendum in Greece.

Sincerely Yours,

Protesilaos Stavrou