Vlog: stairs by the hut's hillock

Raw link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=US833d41Enc

This is another video to provide a status update on my initiative to build a hut in the mountains of Cyprus. I am building the hut to put an end to my accommodation woes. The project must be at least in an “acceptable” state before the end of July, just for me to be safe with my current landlord.

There was no construction work today (Sunday), as the person who helps me with the metallic skeleton of the hut took the day off. I thought I would do the same, since I also did not have any coaching sessions during the day… But I got bored and decided to make something happen instead.

There is a hillock right beside my hut’s location. I need to set up stairs to have easy access to the top. I will probably install the solar panels up there, so the stairs must be spacious. Digging through the mountain is hard work due to the density of the soil and the high concentration of rocks, though it is essential long-term.

I also have to gain access to top of the hillock to eventually clear it (and the surrounding area) from vegetation that catches fire easily.

Even an otherwise simple dwelling requires a tonne of effort to be habitable and safe. I keep going, one small step at a time.