Vlog: job status update + Clojure future

Raw link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44b1RBIwH4M

In this video I explain what has transpired since my last vlog entry, which was my public plea for help in finding a job:

  • I have a short-term project to work on. It is related to Emacs. I will publish more about it in the near future on my website’s coding blog section.
  • This small job pays some money that I will use for the next few weeks. It gives me a modicum of stability.
  • I also received some donations. Again, they provide some immediate relief.
  • The underlying problem is the same: I need a job and I will have to relocate. But now I am not desperate to accept the first offer that comes my way.
  • I do not want to adopt a decision about my future under extreme duress. It has to be something I will not regret.
  • I started learning Clojure and I explain why I picked it over Python, JavaScript, Ruby, and Common Lisp. In short: (i) there is sufficient demand for it, (ii) it provides a Lisp conduit to the worlds of Java and JavaScript, (iii) the members of the community who contacted me are very passionate about this language, which excites me.
  • I think Clojure has this Emacs-y quality where the members of its community care about the qualitative aspects of their craft. At least based on the feedback I received.
  • I am reading books and am setting up Emacs with clojure-mode and cider. The plan is to start writing real code, like toy programs, which will help me understand how things work in practice.
  • I explain what I learnt about my CV and how the tech industry does not care so much about formal qualifications. I still rely on the human factor though.
  • Brief comment on all the messages I have received and how I am still replying to each of them. It takes time.
  • Some words about offers I cannot accept.
  • Closing thoughts with a philosophical point about not relying on appearances.