Please help me find a job and move country

UPDATE 2022-11-12 07:49 +0200: Read the status update on my job search. In short, nothing to show for yet.

UPDATE 2022-11-07 09:06 +0200: I published a video where I explain my problem and talk about my underwhelming CV:

Ever since August, I have a memo to leave the house I live in. A new memo has prompted me to make this public plea. The landlord wants the house for “private use”. I pay everything, so there is no legal pressure for immediate action. Though time is working against me and I will not be able to stay here for much longer. I have to be decisive before the Spring of 2023 or Summer at the latest.

I reside in the Troodos mountain range of Cyprus. When I first got here, the cost of living was affordable. I could survive on an austere scheme of personal finances. In the last three years or so, rents in the area have at least doubled or tripled, while income has remained stagnant. What I have been doing is no longer sustainable. I need a new job and place to stay.

I wish to migrate to another country in the European Union. Cyprus is simply too expensive for someone with no property. The problem is that I am trapped: I do not have enough savings to cover the startup costs of relocation. Any attempt at a job application is thus futile.

My local options are unsustainable. I am publishing this in a desperate attempt to find a solution or, at least, the conduit to one.

Please help me get in contact with an employer who would be willing to assume my startup costs: plane tickets to my destination, ~2 months of rent, 1 month of absolute essentials in living costs. I will pay it all back as soon as I start saving from my wage (e.g. within the first 6 months). I do not ask for charity, but for an investment in me in exchange for my medium-to-long term services.

I am alone and have a small suitcase of clothes. I shall leave my dog behind in the hands of someone I can trust. My health is in peak condition, while I know how to live frugally and independently. There are no hidden costs involved and I will not inconvenience anyone.

Some ideas of what I can do:

  • Ancillary roles like office clerk.
  • Pro-social activities such as educating people.
  • Solo tasks of an intellectual sort, like writing reports, analyses.
  • Manual labour such as construction, farming, bar tending.

I know how to program in Emacs Lisp. This does not make me a fully fledged programmer for the job market, though it shows I have the basics and can learn more.

I speak Greek and English. My French is also of a high level, though I need some time of daily practice (e.g. 2 weeks) to rekindle my memory of it. My Spanish is good as well, but it needs some more work to get me in the flow.

If you are reading this, you likely know about me through my publications. I work hard and never find excuses to skip my duties. I will not disappoint whomever shows faith in me.

I am posting this in the “news” section of my website. I do not know if anyone will read it. If it does not work, I will make the same statement in video format on my YouTube channel.