Renamed "advice" section to "commentary"

On 2021-11-06, I created a new section on my website which I described as being about “life advice” (read the announcement). I now realise this was a poor choice of words, as it can give the impression that there is a relationship between some master and a student or, else, between unequal parties. Such was never my intention: I am no master, no expert, no guru or whatever, and have no intention to be considered in those terms. I just speak my mind. So please accept my apologies!

The section is now titled “General commentary on life”. All URLs have been edited to omit the /advice path and instead point to /commentary. Redicects have been installed accordingly, so users visiting an old link should be taken to its new destination.

However, it is likely that the old RSS feed is broken and users will have to manually update their sources. The old URL was: The new one must be: