New book: “Fables on Systems”

I just published a new work on philosophy, which consists of a series of imaginary stories. Quoting from the introduction:

It is customary to associate fables with children. Doing so in this case would be presumptuous, for it would assume that (i) adults are readily aware of the issues raised herein, and (ii) that imaginary scenaria are didactic for kids in a way they are not for other age groups. Let us avoid such pitfalls.

This is a work on philosophy. The characters and events are imaginary, though I could just as well write about actual stories that would still convey the same ideas you are about to read. What matters is the set of insights one can draw from each fable individually and from all of them taken as a unit.

You can read these chapters in any given order, though I have provided for a loosely sequential progression that could help streamline their teachings.

The book is immediately available on my website:

Fables on Systems is distributed free of charge and freed from traditional copyright restrictions. It is published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Licence (CC BY-SA), version 4.0 International.

If you have any questions, thoughts, observations, you are welcome to contact me.