Status update 2020-07-11: I will be without Internet access for the foreseeable future, starting from 2020-07-12. Please understand that I will only reply to your messages whenever I manage to get back. That may be in a few weeks from now or longer. It all depends on whether I secure enough income amidst the ongoing crisis. Apologies in advance for whatever inconvenience.

Official release of PDFD

On April 25, I published the first beta version of “Prot’s Dots For Debian” (PDFD). Since then I made a series of incremental refinements and changes. PDFD is a complete guide to reproducing my custom desktop session on Debian 10 ‘buster’. Today I added the finishing touches and am happy to announce that the first official release is available.

I am publishing this a few days prior to the release of Debian 10, which will happen on July 6, just to be sure that everything works as intended.

As already noted in the previous announcement about PDFD:

Prot’s Dots For Debian (PDFD) is available free of charge and freed from traditional copyright restrictions. It is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Licence (CC BY-SA) 4.0. Its code is licensed in the same spirit using the GNU General Public License version 3 or later.

You can read the book online or visit its print-optimised page to get a physical copy.

Because this is code-related, I assume that readers will have the minimum technical skills to also make use of the following git repositories (contributions are most welcome):